These stories speak to emotions and ideas that
are common to us all, regardless of our location or time
period. Men and women enjoy them equally. Their basis
is historical - Key West in the mid-1800's. The stories are
pure imagination.

In "Sand Dolla
r," we meet Mary Thorne who, bored by conventional life on Green
Turtle Cay, yearns for independence, travel, and adventure. She reluctantly agrees
to marry Richard Randall, a wrecker, thinking she will at least avoid the church
bazaars her sister dotes on. Less than a year after Mary’s wedding, a massive
hurricane brushes the Bahamas and devastates Key West. Mary moves with her house and her husband to Key
West, ambitious for expanded opportunities. But travel takes her far from the security of home. Adventure involves
danger and independence brings demanding situations and hard decisions.

"Pieces of Eight" is the sequel to "Sand Dollar"
. It tells the story of Julia Miller who left her home and family on
Green Turtle Cay and eloped to Key West. Love clouded her vision, but raising two children, their fathers long-
gone, and life in a homeless camp brought into sharp focus a harsher reality than she ever imagined. And yet, she
couldn’t return to Green Turtle Cay. "Pie
ces of Eight" explores the choices women make and the meaning of home.

"Chambered Nautilus," the final book in the series, explores the themes of love, family, and the ways we are
dishonest with ourselves and others. Sarah, an orphan raised by her aunt, fulfills her dreams of becoming an artist
any marrying a handsome husband. Her good fortune is consumed, along with much of Key West, by the Great
Fire of 1886 and Sarah fends for herself as she provides for her daughter and the foundling girl who is abandoned
in her care.

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Sand Dollar,
Pieces of Eight,
Chambered Nautilus
~tales of old Key West~
by Jane Louise Newhagen
© Jane Louise Newhagen
"After Life" is a sensitively
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from the Key West City
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